How you can increase sales and brand awareness of your product in the market

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What is healthy for your business.

Good brand awareness is vital for the health of any business. With a well-known name and reputation, users will know they should buy your item and think of you first whenever they need that same item. However, cultivating brand awareness isn’t always as easy as we might hope. How should we go about building that kind of recognition and familiarity in the minds of our users?

Timiun as a designed plan of action

Timiun is an e-commerce platform that uses a plan of action designed to achieve sales and support brand recognition and familiarity. With facts that the market is driven by fear and greedy Timiun adopted a gamify approach towards the selling of items on its platform, this is a designed action aim at making the market flexible and fun.

Timiun Time Market allows you to shop a product at a 99% discount off its market price, it adopted a gamified approach in selling: giving the user flexibility over item choice. With this, an item that ordinary should be soled within a week can be soled in a day and more the chances of getting more items out there to be bought by users. This is a plan of action designed to increase sales and brand loyalty among users. Items that maintain a high level of visibility are likely to generate more sales.

Users confronted with choices are merely more likely to buy a name brand product than an unfamiliar one. So, with the timiun time market as a plan of action users are likely to be visible to your brand name.


Timiun and its special offer.

As an act of devotion and loyalty to our users, timiun rolls out his special offer; On this page of the App you stand the chance of buying an item at a discounted rate and it is a channel for promotion of brand and items to a large pool of users.

With special offers, you can revive your old brand that may have lost its space in the marketplace and attract more users to its self. The Timiun special offer is one sure way to revive, promotion, and get your item bought by a large number of users.


Product and Brand engagement.

Timiun allows users from any location to join in, creating a conversation around a specific brand and product between multiple people. The real-time interaction doesn't require users to sit close to a conference system speaker, making it more comfortable since users are conversant with social interaction and communication. Plus, text-based chat about a product increases users' recognition of that brand and product. Keeping them engage in real-time discussions about a specific Brand and Product of choice with one another.

But as users view and interact with social media posts and updates, brand awareness will increase. For brand awareness to be most productive, Timiun allows users to be able to connect to the brand and product of their interest seamlessly while signing up.

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